Get information on Covid-19 from experts and clarify doubts: Awareness classes progressing

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A series of Covid-19 Awareness Class for Kudumbashree members and the general public has been started under the leadership of Kudumbashree associating with the Indian Medical Association (IMA). The programme is ongoing receiving good responses from among the public. This program is done under the supervision of the Health Department, in cooperation with the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA).

The topics which everyone should be aware of while fighting back this pandemic are chosen for the series. The topics dealt at the awareness class series include ‘Covid home care - what all should the caretakers note’, ‘covid treatment- mental pressure’, ‘covid patient and heart disease’, ‘post covid issues and its solutions’, the ‘scientific base of covid home treatment’, ‘lung diseases of covid patients and the ‘treatment protocols’, 'Covid and women',  'Covid preventive measures at work places', 'Know everything about Covid Vaccination', 'Covid- preventive measures', Diabetics in Covid patients: What to note', 'Covid home care- How to make the home safe', 'Covid home care and children', 'Covid home care- masks and waste', 'Covid patients-food', 'Non covid monsoon diseases- What all to be taken care of' etc. The classes are dealt with by the experts who have experience in the healthcare sector.  The awareness classes were started on 13 May 2021 onwards. The classes are being conducted on alternate days. 

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) extends full support for this initiative. IMA has selected the doctors for the classes and prepared the schedules and has also chosen the subject experts who have good communication skills and are capable of communicating the information with the common people. Kudumbashree members and the public have participated in these classes with great enthusiasm. As per the protocol being followed now, the Category-A covid patients should take their treatments at home. And during this time, it is important that everyone should be aware of the treatment and all sides of covid-19 pandemic. This is the reason why such a programme was started. All the technical settings for these classes are arranged by KILA. 

The Health Department supervises this programme and gives the needed advice. Arrangements are made to answer the questions with the support of the Health Department and if any questions regarding the policy of the Government arise while giving these technical classes under the leadership of IMA. Also the concerned officials of KILA would attend the classes to answer the questions regarding the Government orders and services related to the Local Self Government Department. 

The classes could be watched live on the respective days from 2.30 PM onwards through the Facebook pages and YouTube channels of KILA and Kudumbashree. The viewers may also ask their doubts and get it clarified from the experts themselves.  The previous classes are also available in these pages and channels. It is expected that these awareness classes about covid, organized with best convergence and partnership would reach out to all  people in Kerala and it would help them in the treatments of covid patients and will be of great help to all.

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Get information on Covid-19 from experts and clarify doubts: Awareness classes progressing