Information Kerala Mission

Information Kerala Mission (IKM), an autonomous body under local self government department , Government of Kerala, is an attempt to strengthen local self-governance through ICT (Information &Communication Technologies) applications. It envisages computerisation and networking of local self government institutions in Kerala. It is the largest and most comprehensive local body computerisation initiative in the country. It addresses the entire gamut of issues concerning local body governance, decentralized planning, and local economic development. IKM envisages a phased transformation of the existing systems to electronic systems. It has developed methodologies that suit this purpose. IKM has adopted a human-centered approach to e-governance. This approach is characterised by the holistic and proactive evaluation of existing systems and legacy systems, and it attempts to simplify and transform existing systems and the effecting integration of systems. Systematic attempts at process reforms are also part of it. These would enable faster and objective decision-making, more citizen-friendly interfaces and better accountability. IKM methodology places the employees and functionaries at the central stage of this transformation and focuses on their empowerment and capacity building as a mechanism for improving performance. The Software Applications are developed through active participation of the user. Emphasis is placed on demystification of technologies and on establishing adequate technical support systems. Training is given high priority. IKM has taken out extensive pilot deployment of its application suites. With twelve software application suites ready for roll out, IKM is gearing up towards state level implementation in a Build-Transfer-Maintain (BTM) mode.