Performance Audit Wing

As a part of the steps taken on decentralisation of power from 1997-98, more funds than those of the previous years were sanctioned to the local self-government bodies. This sanctioning of more funds necessitated the strengthening of audit arrangement. In the light of this, new audit system (performance cum corrective audit) was implemented in the local self-government bodies. It aims at the quarterly review of administrative measures. Irregularities are detected by means of performance audit and it gives chance to avoid such irregularities, and remedy the avoidable errors. It was by deploying employees from the Secretariat and Panchayath/ Municipal Departments that the performance audit teams were organised. The Government has decided to appoint an official not below the rank of a Deputy Account General as the State Performance Auditor. As per the recommendations of the Power Decentralization Committee, the State Government amended the Kerala Panchayath Act and the Kerala Municipality Act. The amendments helped to exercise the transferred powers completely.

State Performance Audit Officer
Ph: 0471-2335413, 0471-2518886


Panchayat Assistant Directors/District Performance Audit Officers
Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2733593
Kollam 0474-2793431
Pathanamthitta 0468-2222207
Alappuzha 0477-2252784
Kottayam 0481-2583506
Idukki 04862-222815
Ernakulam 0484-2422216
Thrissur 0487-2360354
Palakkad 0491-2505155
Malappuram 0483-2734984
Kozhikkode 0495-2371916
Wayanad 04936-202663
Kannur 0497-2700081
Kasaragod 04994-255803