Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Saras Mela 2018, the national food and cultural expo organised by Kudumbashree Mission, that would offer the best of traditional food and artistry is to start at the Ground near the Market, Pattambi, Palakkad on 29 March 2018. Dr. K.T Jaleel. Minister, Local Self government Department, Government of Kerala will officially inaugurate the programme.

entrepreneurs from 25 states across the country including Kerala will be the part of the programme. Around 250 stalls are opened, out of which 100 stalls would be of other states. 75 stalls would be opened by the entrepreneurs from Kerala. 40 stalls would be for the entrepreneurs from Rural Development Department. The handicrafts that would showcase the heritage and culture of each states, art forms, jewellery, fabrics, utensils etc would be for sale at the Saras Mela. The ethnic food prepared by the Kudumbashree women would add more colour to the programme. The 70,000 sqft big pavilion and food court is the main attraction of the Mela. Apart from the stalls, 22 stalls are opened for food courts out of which 13 are for Kerala and 9 of them would offer cuisines from different states across the country.

Saras fairs help the micro entrepreneurs to sell out their products to the consumers without the interventions of the middle men and would help them to grow better business relations and thereby increase their sales. this would in turn help them in earning more income and better life style.

The programme would strictly follow green protocol and would be opened from 10 AM to 10 PM. Only cloth bags and paper bags would be used during the mela. A sale of Rs 6 crore is expected from the mela. Daily cultural programmes are also arranged in connection with the programme. Entry to Saras Mela is absolutely free.

Other than sales stalls, reception, office room, police aid post, medical room, cloak room etc are also arranged. For the security of the public visiting the mela, full time service of police and fire force are also ensured. Convergence with Suchithwa Mission is also ensured for making the Saras mela an ecofriendly one.

Saras Mela 2018 would be an incredible opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural, artistic, traditional, and rich heritage values of different states across the country. Undoubtedly, Saras Mela 2018 would add more colour to the festive days of Kerala. The mela would come to an end on 7 April 2018.