Kudumbashree's 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam'- Script Workshop of the Cultural Procession (Kalajatha) starts

Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2021
The Script Workshop of the Cultural Procession (Kalajatha) as part of the awareness programme of 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam', the State Level Campaign has been started at Arts and Crafts Village, Vellar, Thiruvananthapuram on 28 December 2021. The programme is being organized under the leadership of Kudumbashree against dowry system and atrocities towards women. The Script Workshop would be held till 31 December 2021. The Script Workshop is being held under the leadership of Shri. Karivellur Murali, Shri. Rafeeq Mangalasserry, Smt. Sreeja Arangottukara, Shri. Vinod Vaisakhi and Smt. V. S Bindu. 
The first phase of the 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' campaign would be held from 18 December 2021 to 8 March 2022. The one month long Cultural Procession would be started in February 2022. The Cultural Procession (Kalajatha) would include two music programmes and one short play. On the first day of the workshop, the discussion regarding the idea formulation of the Cultural Procession was held under the leadership of Dr. T. K Anandi. Smt. Suja Susan George, Dr. A.G Oleena, Smt. Amrutha, Smt. Maggi, Representative of Prathidhwani Cultural Organization, Smt. Biji, Representative of Rangashree, the theatre group of Kudumbashree women, Shri. B. S Manoj, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree, Smt. Sindhu. V, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree and Smt. Preetha G Nair, State Assistant Programme Manager, Kudumbashree took part in the discussion. 


Once the script of the Cultural Procession would be fully completed, the State Level Training Camp would be conducted. One team each would be set up in every districts under the leadership of Rangashree members for the Cultural Procession. District Level Camps would be organized for the same. Following that, the Cultural Processions would be held in every district in the routes decided by the District Missions. Through the 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' Gender Campaign, Kudumbashree envisages to put an end to the social evils like dowry, atrocities against women and lavish weddings and to lead the people towards women sided social literacy. 
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'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam'- Script Workshop of the Cultural Procession (Kalajatha) startsen