Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Training Programme is being organized for the Kudumbashree Auxiliary Group members in connection with the 'Sthreepaksha Navakeralam' Gender Campaign which is being implemented in Kerala through Kudumbashree, against the dowry system and the atrocities against women. The training would be extended to more than 3 lakh members of 19,500 Auxiliary Groups.
Through this training, it is envisaged to discuss the issues faced by the women in the society and make realize the reasons for the same. Three important training modules have specially been prepared for the same. The district level trainers include Community Counsellors, Gender Resource Persons and Vigilant Group Members. One person would be in charge of one CDS.  The ideas evolved from the group discussions would be compiled and the group representatives would make presentation on the same. The facilitators who hold the charge of the training would mark the positive and negative opinions. After the general discussions, the same would be compiled and the Resource Persons would present it. 
The training would last for three months. One module would be discussed a day. As the first phase of the training programme, discussions were organized on  the topic 'Dowry & Atrocities' at all Auxiliary Groups in the state. It is planned to make necessary interventions to bring in a mind shift of the among the society and the general public, against dowry and the atrocities against women, based on the ideas evolved from among the discussions. 
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