Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2021

'Mahila- Shreyas' Pickle Unit of the women of Mahila mandiram was launched under the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) Scheme in Alappuzha Municipality. Previously, 'Mahila Shakthi' Neighborhood Group was formed joining the women of the Mahila Mandiram in Alappuzha Municipality under the NULM Scheme. The inmates of Mahila Mandiram comprises of POCSO victims, those who were left alone after interfering in different cases, victims who had to face atrocities from different sectors, those who ended up there as no other opportunity was left for them to survive. One of the main agendas of the Alappuzha Municipality-NULM team was to identify such people who were sidelined and ensure them financial freedom and thereby survival.


As a continuation to this, they were extended training in food processing and the pickle unit was started. The enterprise was inaugurated by Smt. Sowmya Raj, Chairperson, Alappuzha Municipality, Shri. A. Shanavas, Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee, Smt. Neethu Lal, Secretary, Alappuzha Municipality, Shri. Nizar, Ward Counselor, Smt. Sujatha, CDS Chairperson, Shri. Varghese K.P, City Project Officer, Shri. Sreejith, Manager, NULM, Smt. Asha, Community Organizer and Smt. Surya, Multi Task Personnel also attended the function.

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'Mahila- Shreyas' Pickle Unit of the women of Mahila mandiram launched under NULM Scheme in Alappuzha Municipality