Tribunal for Local Bodies

The tribunal appointed for local bodies is responsible for considering and adjudicating appeals and revisions against the decisions of the local bodies. The tribunal is appointed by a judicial officer in the rank of a district judge. The tribunal is also empowered to comment on any reference received from the Government as to the legality or viability of any decision of the Local Government. Petitions must be filed in Form C within 30 days from the date of the order against which it is filed. With the permission of the Tribunal, an appeal / revision can be filed with a delay of one month. In case of non-decision within 60 days of filing an appeal with the local body, it is sufficient to file a petition to the tribunal within 90 days. Each attested copy of the petition and its associated documents, along with as many affidavits as there are opponents to the petition, may be submitted to the Tribunal directly or by registered mail. DD which can be transferred to the office of the Tribunal or Thiruvananthapuram for a fee of Rs.50 / - along with the petition. In addition, a legal benefit fund of Rs 100 is required to be stamped on the petition.


Secretary Tribunal for Local Bodies
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