Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Kudumbashree Wayanad team is continuing their relentless efforts in controlling covid-19 pandemic. Kudumbashree Wayanad team is helping out the District Administration who are breaching their quarantine. Those who were supposed to stay in quarantine at their houses were breaching this and it had turned out to be a problem. The Kudumbashree system at Wayanad is extending support to the District Administration to find a solution for the issue. As the breach of quarantine of the covid positive patients, their close contacts and the breach of quarantine that occur between the RTPCR tests and the results were increased, Kudumbashree closely observes those who breach the quarantine and hand over their details to the police. This is the service Kudumbashree system extends in the district.

The discussions about the breach of quarantine had arisen at the meetings of the District Disaster Management Authority. It is then, the Kudumbashree Wayanad team informed the District Administration that the organizational system of Kudumbashree, starting from the NHGs could help the police. The CDS Chairpersons would receive the details of those who did RT PCR tests from the government-quasi government hospitals. Those details are sorted on the ward basis and are given to the respective ADSs. From there, the details are given to the NHG Secretaries. And they ensure that those who did the tests are undergoing quarantine. And if any breach of quarantine occurs they report the same through Google form. The CDS Chairpersons compile such reports and disclose the details of those who breach the quarantine to the Police Station. The Police would take further actions.

In addition, Kudumbashree members extend all sorts of help to those who are in quarantine. The tribal colonies in the districts are under the observation of animators and ADSs. The vaccination activities are also ongoing. Daily review meetings are held from 7PM to 8 PM under the leadership of ADM, District Mission Coordinator, District Medical Office Representative and CDS Chairpersons. 

Kudumbashree have been making notable interventions since various precautions and regulations had been employed due to the spread of covid-19 pandemic. Kudumbashree had organized various activities such as awareness programmes, mask-sanitizer production, running community kitchens, disbursing loans etc.  At the same time, every district had formulated and implemented various activities associating with the respective District Administrations, considering the local needs. Even now, many of such activities are continuing. The Wayanad District team of Kudumbashree is moving forward with such great activities and are helping many through their relentless efforts. 

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Kudumbashree Wayanad team continues their relentless efforts in controlling covid-19 pandemicen