Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Vishu Markets of Kudumbashree are started across the state. The Vishu Markets will be started in all the 1069 CDSs and will function till 15 April 2022. The Vishnu Markets aim at making available organic vegetables at affordable rates to the public. It also aims at helping the Kudumbashree farmers and entrepreneurs to market their products and thereby help them to increase their income after the crisis of covid-19 pandemic.

It is envisaged to sell the organic vegetables produced by the 74,776 Kudumbashree women farming groups (Joint Liability Groups-JLGs) and the products of Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs through these Vishu Markets. Organic cucumber, bitter gourd, spinach, aubergine, lady's finger, green chilly, pumpkin, peas, birds's eye chilli, drumstick, etc and various snacks, flours, curry powders, chutney powders etc will be available for sale at Kudumbashree Vishu Markets. In addition to that, different food items locally prepared by Kudumbashree entrepreneurs will also be sale at the Vishu Markets.

The Vishu Markets are arranged associating with the Local Self Government Institutions. The Organizing Committee formed at each CDSs are entrusted with bringing maximum products to the Vishu Market. This committee would also ensure the security of the market and will also ensure that the basic amenities are arranged. Arrangements are also made to analyze the participation and quantity of the products brought to the market. The Vishu markets will be organized ensuring covid protocol and green protocol.



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