Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Kudumbashree had joined hands with  NABARD and Bank of India for making available Agri loans for 3000 farming groups to pursue cultivation and other farming activities. It is for catering the various needs in connection with farming and help the women identify better livelihood opportunities in this sector. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the same was signed between Shri. S. Harikishore IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission, Shri. J.Suresh Kumar, Deputy General Manager, NABARD and Shri. Vimal Kumar .G, Deputy Zonal Manager, Bank of India at Kudumbashree State Mission office on 29 January 2020.


Kudumbashree had made discussions with NABARD for getting the financial assistance for making active 3000 farming groups of Kudumbashree. The farming groups who were suffering due to the shortage of land would get loans upto Rs 10 lakhs without giving any security. The farming groups which do farming by taking land on lease could therefore avail bank loans without submitting the contract of lease. Bank of India would give Bank loans to the farming groups. Based on the regular repayment of this loan, NABARD would give promotional incentive of Rs 2000 each per group to Kudumbashree. The farming groups would be able to improve their farming and make the same active, extend the cultivation to maximum area of land, implement converged agricultural techniques, make value added products, make avail modern agricultural machinery etc and also be able to cater various other needs through this ban loan. It is the duty of the respective district missions to identify the deserving group farming units.For this the officials of the district missions and the representative of Bank of India would work together.

Kudumbashree had been following the process of forming farming groups of women and help them do farming in large area if land and earn better livelihood of their own. NABARD has analysed and identified it was an apt and useful method. NABARD would give needed agro-technical trainings to the community resource persons who work with the women. Project Implementation and Monitoring Committee would be formed and conducted once in 3 months to analyse the development of the project. The committee would include Deputy Divisional Manager, NABARD, Area Manager, Bank of India, Branch Managers of the respective branches, Lead District Manager and the representatives of Kudumbashree.

It is for the third time that Bank of India came forward to extend financial support to the various programme beneficiaries of Kudumbashree. Presently Bank of India had been associating with Kudumbashree in implementing Pradhan Manthri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and Kerala Chicken programmes. Shri. G. Mahesh Kumar, Deputy General Manager, Bank of India, Shri. Parameshwara Iyer.P, Chief Manger, Bank of India, Shri. Rajesh.R, Senior Manager, Bank of India, Shri. Rakesh.V, Manager, NABARD, Shri. Dathan.C.S.,Programme Officer, Kudumbashree, Ms. Aiswarya.E,A, State Assistant Programme Manager, Kudumbashree Ms. Arya S.B, State Assistant Programme Manager, Kudumbashree also attended the function.

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NABARD has analysed and identified it was an apt and useful method. NABARD would give needed agro-technical trainings to the community resource persons who work with the women.