Chuvad 2023' NHG Gathering creates history

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2023
'Chuvad 2023' Ayalkkootta Sangamam (NHG Gathering) held on 26 January 2023 created history adding more colour to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kudumbashree. 'Chuvad 2023' has indeed made a mark in the history of Kudumbashree. The 'Ayalkkootta Sangamam' organized on the 74th Republic Day of the country made a new sense of energy among the Kudumbashree members. 
In most of the places, the stages were decorated using bio-degradable properties following the green protocol. Members started coming to the NHGs from morning itself as per the prior instructions given. 46 lakh women joined together under Kudumbashree which has won national and international acclaim for being the largest association of women in Asia. National flags were hoisted in 3 lakh NHGs in the state at 8 AM itself and every NHG sang the 'Sangamam' song written and tuned by themselves. together.  Following that they listened to the message of the Minister of Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala through the official YouTube Channel of Kudumbashree.  
The discussion mainly held at the NHG level were the changes brought in by Kudumbashree in the lives of NHG members and in the society based on the experience of 25 years. It was notable that new suggestions came forward from the NHGs to formulate and implement new project activities as per the need of the new era. Also. discussions were held on the topics such as health, hygiene, cleans neighborhoods, developmental needs of NHG families and localities and reports were prepared. 
Shri. M. B Rajesh, Minister, Local Self Government of Kerala attended the NHG meeting at Thejas NHG of Palakkad South CDS of Palakkad and Dr. R Bindu, Minister, Higher Education and Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala attended the NHG meeting at Kairali NHG of Meenangadi CDS of Wayanad district. Adv. K. Rajan, Minister, Revenue and Housing, Government of Kerala became part of the NHG meetings of the Maithri NHG and Matha NHG of Nadathara CDS of Thrissur. Whereas Shri. Jafar Malik, Executive Director, Kudumbashree participated in the NHG meetings of Friends NHG of Thekkevila Division of East CDS and Vaishali NHG of Udayamarthandapuram of Kollam district.  Also, MLAs, District Collectors, eminent personalities from art and cultural sectors became part of 'Chuvad 2023'. 
Kudumbashree Auxiliary Group members, Balasabha members, Elderly NHG members, BUDS School children, Transgender NHG members and State Mission-District Mission staffs also became part of 'Chuvad 2023'.
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Chuvad 2023' NHG Gathering creates historys