Kudumbashree launches ‘Chain Call’ activity to convey covid related awareness and Instructions to 45 lakh families

Posted on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Kudumbashree has started 'Chain Call', a programme to create awareness about covid-19 to all the members, as the corona virus spread in this second wave is continuing. This activity also aims at identifying the people who need assistance. Kudumbashree will make necessary arrangements to help all those needy in convergence with the LSGIs. Further the program also intends to give confidence to the families that the Kudumbashree system is always there for them. As part of the programme, Presidents and Secretaries of about 3 lakh NHGs in the state would call each and every member in their NHGs over phone and enquire whether they need any help. They would also make them aware about the precautions (wear two layered masks, maintain social distance, go out only when it's really needed) everyone should take to prevent the spread of covid-19 pandemic.

Kudumbashree ADSs (Area Development Societies- the Kudumbashree organization system in ward level) will give directions to the Presidents and Secretaries of the Kudumbashree NHGs on what all should be asked while calling the members over phone. They will also brief about the convergences for extending assistance based on the responses/ needs received from them. The CDSs (Community Development Societies- the Kudumbashree organization system in the panchayath level) would give these directions to the ADSs. Through this ‘Chain Call’ Programme, the directions from the top level are brought to the NHG leaders and from NHG leaders to each and every family.

Selected Resource Persons in Kudumbashree are entrusted in each CDS to supervise this programme. They impart training on what all should be communicated while making the phone calls. Also, they give instructions for other coordination activities. These Resource Persons would coordinate this ‘Chain Call’  Programme at the local level.The Resource Persons had already been selected and the primary training had also been given to them. The district teams were given awareness regarding the same and had been given the instructions on what all should be conveyed while making the phone calls.  

  It is expected that, through this activity, Kudumbashree would be able to convey the message that everyone should make self defense against covid. The aim is to convey this message to more people and thereby we can counter this pandemic. Moreover, Kudumbashree believes to  be able to support people who are facing difficulties due to covid and extend them the needed services through Kudumbashree system with the convergence with the LSGIs. This activity is being fully implemented through the community based organizational system of Kudumbashree. Through this activity Kudumbashree would be able to take the covid alert message to maximum families in Kerala. Kudumbashree believes that we could extend the needed help and services through convergence using the full strength of the Kudumbashree organizational system under the supervision of the CDSs.

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Kudumbashree launches ‘Chain Call’ activity to convey covid related awareness and Instructions to 45 lakh families