Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension

As a part of decentralisation through the Indian Constitutional Amendment Act 1993, the implementation of Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension (NOAP), which were handled by the Revenue Department of State Government,has been transferred to Local Self Govt Institutions as per the revised rules declared through the Government Order number GO(P)47/95 dated 13/12/1995.At present the local bodies have been entrusted with the task of receiving the application, processing, granting and distribution of the pension.At first, National Old Age Pension was incorporated as one among the three items included in the destitute pension. The others are Widow Pension and Physically handicapped pension. As per the above order, the Old age pension was renamed as National Old age Pension (NOAP) and also started availing fund assistance from central government also. As per the 8th of the Pension rules, the approval of District Collector is mandatory. Even though there is an elder son who didn’t look after his parents are also eligible for getting the pension.

Process involved

  • In the Prescribed application format, submit the application for pension to the concerned Grama Panchayat/ Municipality/ Corporation Secretary.
  • In Grama Panchayat Enquiry should be conducted by the VEO or the officer appointed by the secretary
  • In Municipality or Corporation Enquiry should be conducted by the Revenue Inspector or the officer appointed by the secretary.
  • The Enquiry should be conducted within 45 days after submitting the application and the beneficiary list should be finalised with in 45 days on receipt of the application after enquiry. 
  • Any appeal should be submitted with in 30 days to the concerned district collector and the Government can take the right decision against the appeal. 
  • Once approved, the pensioner will be eligible to get the pension from the first week of next month onwards on the basis of availability of funds.
  • Finally, the eligible pension amount fixed by the Government of Kerala from time to time shall be send to the beneficiary.

Criteria for Allotting Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme

  • Applicant must be a destitute.
  • No person shall be eligible for the pension, if he/she is in receipt of any other Social Welfare pensions.
  • No one of their to look after him/her.
  • No person shall be eligible if he/she resorts to habitual begging.
  • No person shall be eligible for the pension, if he/she is admitted to a poor home.
  • Age of 60 years or higher.
  • Having a family annual income of or less than Rs.100000/-.
  • Residing within the Kerala State for a continuous period of not less than three years.
  • Applied at the localbody where the person is residing.

History of Pension amount for Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme

Sl No Date effect from Amount Age 75 Years or Disability % 80 above Amount
1 01/08/1996 110 110
2 01/04/2006 235 235
3 01/04/2008 250 250
4 01/04/2010 300 300
5 01/04/2011 400 400
6 01/04/2012 400 900
7 01/04/2013 500 1100
8 01/04/2014 600 1200
9 01/04/2016 600 1500
10 01/06/2016 1000 1500
11 01/04/2017 1100 1500