About Us

The Vigilance wing of Local Self Government was constituted in 1980 with the creation of the post of Senior Town Planner (Vigilance). Owing to the rise of the unauthorised constructions in state, the Vigilance wing was strengthened in 2013 with the creation of additional 16 posts. The post of Senior Town Planner (Vig) was upgraded as Chief Town Planner (Vig).

Headed by the Chief Town Planner (Vig), has a jurisdiction over the state of Kerala and is presently housed in the 5th floor of Swaraj Bhavan, Nanthancode. The newly strengthened Vigilance wing is functioning under the Principal Secretary of Local Self Government Department, in accordance to the duties and functions stipulated by Government.

 Public Information

  • Points to be noted before purchase of house or plot
  • Documents to be submitted by the applicant along with the application for building permit
    • Application for building permit
    • Documents showing ownership and extent of land
    • Copies of Tax receipt
    • All Applicable NOC’s from various departments/ agencies
  • NOC’s and approvals to be obtained wherever applicable before issue of building permit by the local body.
    • NOC from Director of Fire and Rescue services
    • NOC from Airport Authority of India (AAI)
    • Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ)
    • Environmental Clearance
    • NOC from Pollution Control Board
    • Layout Approval of Department of Town and Country Planning as specified in KMBR and KPBR
    • Approval of Art and Heritage Commission
    • NOC from Defence
    • NOC from Indian Railway
    • Paddy and wet land conservation Act
    • NOC from Collector for Security Zone
    • NOC of Collector for Religious Buildings
    • Any other specific NOC to certain type of constructions as notified by concerned authority
  • Major types of violations noticed

The major violations noticed in these building are open space / set back violations, parking violations. Also a lot of unauthorised constructions such as conversion of parking spaces to usable commercial, residential and other facililities. Addition construction of floors and additional floor area done by the building owners after obtaining occupancy certificate. Deviation from approved plan and permit.

  • Registers to be maintained by local body wrt to building permit
    • Building Application register
    • Register for one-day permit
    • Unauthorised construction Register
    • Register as per Regularisation G.O.
    • Assessment register.