Popularity & Consumption of Millets: Kudumbashree National Millet Conclave 2023 begins at Agali Attappady Camp Centre, Palakkad

Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2023

*Seminars attended by experts from various states
* Exhibition and marketing of millets and heirloom seeds

The National Millet Conclave 2023 has been started. Shri. K. Krishnankutty, Minister for Electricity, Government of Kerala inaugurated the programme at Agali Attappady Camp Centre, Attappady, Palakkad on 26 May 2023. The three-day National Millet Conclave is being organized under the leadership of Kudumbashree from 26-28 May 2023.  

Better income generation should be ensured for the farmers who cultivate food grains including millets. The Minister said. He also said that necessary discussions should be held so that the farmers can get better market value for the products they produce. He added that there should be collective efforts to provide a better means of livelihood to the farmers, including those of Attappady, who are cultivating nutritious millets during the prevalence of lifestyle diseases.  The Minister also presented Kudumbashree's gift to Ms. Nanchiyamma, recipient of the National Film Award for the Best Playback Singer and Kudumbashree NHG member.

Shri. N Shamsudheen, MLA, Mannarkkad Constituency presided over the function. He said in the presidential speech that Kudumbashree women have grown to take up everything from canteen catering enterprises to road construction contracts. He also said that the Millet Conclave organized by Kudumbashree to promote production and marketing of millets and provide livelihood will be the most significant step taken by Kudumbashree in this field.

Ms. K Binumol, President, District Panchayath, Palakkad released the book on the 'Indigenous Food Sovereignty in Attappady-Restoring Traditional Farming Systems, Protecting Agro Ecosystems and Regaining Health, Food and Nutritional Security' (Process Documentation and participatory evaluation of the Mahila Kisan Sasakthikaran Pariyojana (MKSP) Activities in Attappady (2014-2022), prepared by S. Santhi by giving the same to Shri. Raman Wadhwa, Deputy Director, National Rural Livelihoods Mission.

Around 2,000 people including representatives of various states, subject experts, people's representatives, farmers, Attappady Kudumbashree Joint Liability Groups, entrepreneurs and youth is participating in the conclave. This is the first time in the state that a Millet Conclave is being organized in the Scheduled Tribes region. In connection with this, seminars with experts on various topics such as scientific millet cultivation, nutritional value of millet food products, entrepreneurial opportunities, exhibition and marketing fair of food products produced by farmers of Attappady, nutrition fair, farmers' meeting, 'Kambalam' (a traditional agricultural sowing festival of Attappady), exhibition of traditional seeds, felicitation of millet farmers, various arts and cultural programmes of various tribal groups of Attappady are also being arranged.

Currently, Attappady is the largest millet producing region in Kerala. A number of nutritious small grains such as ragi (finger millet), Chama (little millet), Varag (kodo millet), Kamp (pearl millet), maize and Thina (foxtail millet) etc are being produced here. The Millet Conclave is being organized to bring attention to these millets and the value added products prepared from them, apart from Kerala, at the national level. Kudumbashree has decided to give special consideration to the activities required to increase the consumption of millets that are helpful for health in a situation where lifestyle diseases are prevalent. The cooperation of the Department of Agriculture will also be ensured for this. Efforts are made to increase production by increasing consumption. In this way the farmers can also ensure an increase in income. It will also help in local economic development.

Ms. Maruthi Murugan, President, Block Panchayath, Attappady & Member, State Kudumbashree Governing Body welcomed the gathering. Shri. P Ramamurthy, President, Sholayur Grama Panchayath,  Ms. Jyothi Anilkumar, President, Puthur Grama Panchayath, Shri. K K Mathew, Vice President, Attappady Block Panchayath,  Ms. Mini G Kurup, Member, Agali Grama Panchayath and Shri. K K Chandradas, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Palakkad District Mission gave away their felicitations. Shri. Jayaram Killi, National Mission Manager, Farm Livelihood and Shri. Tony Jose, National Mission Manager-Livelihood was also present at the function. Shri. B.S Manoj, Programme Officer, Tribal & Assistant Project Officer, Attappady Special Project, Kudumbashree delivered the vote of thanks. The Dance Performance based on Kudumbashree's Mudrageetham was staged prior to the inaugural function.



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Popularity & Consumption of Millets: Kudumbashree National Millet Conclave 2023 begins at Agali Attappady Camp Centre, Palakkaden