ARISE Multi Task teams of Kudumbashree starts extending services in flood affected areas

Posted on Sunday, August 18, 2019

ARISE Multi Task teams of Kudumbashree Mission has started extending their services in the flood affected areas. A total of 21 multi task teams had started their work. As per the statistics till 15 August 2019, eighty three members of these multi task teams had already completed the repairing of 78 houses/offices. The Multi task teams are providing services in switch board repairing, motor, gas stove, mixer grinder repairing, fan, broken pipe repairing, wiring, plug point replacement etc. They have extended their services in Mattanur, Sreekandapuram, Chengali of Kannur, Pulpally, Tirunelly of Wayanad, Pulikkal, Aliparambu of Malappuram, Parali, Karimba of Palakkad, Olavanna of Kozhikode, Manimala, Ayarkunnam of Kottayam, Valakom, Muvattupuzha of Ernakulam and North Punnapra of Alappuzha districts. In Kannur, they had provided electricity connection and are also acting as the house inspection team of KSEB.

During the unprecedented floods of August 2018, as many people lost their source of livelihood and many of them became jobless for months. Government of Kerala entrusted Kudumbashree to identify new source of livelihood for them and therefore Kudumbashree framed this project.  A survey was conducted to identify which all enterprises hold the maximum job opportunities and as a result 10 job sectors were identified. It was understood that, the number of service providers are too less in plumbing, electrical work, electronics repair, day care, housekeeping etc. On realizing that, it was decided to extend training and help them start enterprises in these sectors. And ARISE Programme (Acquiring Resilience and Identity through Sustainable Employment) was launched. livelihood project.

As part of the ARISE programme, people were given training in electronics repair, plumbing and electrical work. As of now, 90 Multi Task Teams are functioning in around 60 Panchayaths. A one day workshop was conducted during July 2019 and 300 people came forward to launch their enterprises in such sectors. Government had issued a Government Order directing the Local Self Government Institutions to make use of the ARISE teams for these jobs. On the grounds of the disaster happened in  Wayanad, Idukki, Malappuram, Kannur districts, the ARISE teams was appealed to take up the plumbing, electrical jobs of the houses. It is aspired that, Kudumbashree ARISE team would become a major service provider by the end of this year

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During the unprecedented floods of August 2018, as many people lost their source of livelihood and many of them became jobless for months