Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Kerala Budget 2020-21 allocated Rs 1550 Crores for Kudumbashree Mission to implement various programmes of Kudumbashree and  for the welfare programmes for women. Rs 250 is allotted as the Budget allocation and in addition to this, Rs 200 crore is allocated from Rebuild Kerala for livelihood enterprises. Including the financial assistance from the Local Self Government Institutions, Rs 600 crores is the total budget of Kudumbashree. In addition to this, the Centrally Sponsored programmes of Rs 950 crores in the urban areas are also implemented through Kudumbashree.  


The main Budget Mentions regarding Kudumbashree include:

  • Bank loans of Rs 3000 crores would be given to the Kudumbashree members at 4% interest rate.
  • A total of 1000 hunger free hotels would be opened which would serve lunch at Rs 25  per meal. 
  • She Lodges would be started in every towns to ensure safety of the commuting women.
  • A total of 200 Kerala Chicken Outlets would be opened.
  • 1000 Haritha enterprises would be launched. 
  • 50 hotels with daily turnover of Rs.30,000 would be started.
  • Management of 500 toilet complexes would be given to Kudumbashree.
  •  5000 new enterprises would be launched.
  • 14 tribal micro projects in the Alappuzha model would also be started. 
  • Organic Farming would be done in 20,000 acres of land. 
  • 500 Gender Resource Centres would also be launched. 
  • Home Shops would be opened in all districts in Kozhikode Homeshop model. 
  • Kudumbashree Internship programme would be started and would be given to Kudumbashree. 
  • Kudumbashree Chitties would be started. 
  • Pakalveed would be started for 2 or 3 wards  and the 25,000 ELderly NHGs would be connected to this. 
  • Rs 35 crores is allocated for BUDS Schools.
  • A programme for giving employment to 1.5 lakh people per year will be started through Local Self Government Institutions in non agrarian sector through local ventures. Employment should be created at the rate of one person per thousand persons. Kudumbashree will also become part of this.


The achievements of Kudumbashree were also presented at the Budget Speech. Kudumbashree had contributed much in increasing the visibility of women in the society. The number of Kudumbashree members increased from 40 lakhs t0 45 lakhs and the Bank linkage loan was increased from Rs 5,717 crores to Rs 10,499 crores and the number of enterprises increased from 10,777 to 23,453.The number of farming groups was increased from 54,000 to 68,000. It was stated in the last budget that Kudumbashree would introduce brand based centralized marketing for 12 micro entrepreneurship items. As part of this, agreement has been executed for manufacturing products such as umbrella, coconut products and curry powders on cluster basis with common name and selling it through the outlets of Civil Supplies Corporation. Kerala Chicken has been launched in the market. Already around 1000 poultry units are working under Kudumbashree. Under the brand name „Nutrimix‟, general nutritious food items were introduced in the market. 212 handicraft products were launched online in the market. Also, 275 Building construction units run by women, 206 Multi Task teams, 76 Event Management Teams were started. Agreement has been executed for starting more than 100 “Take-A-Break” centres. 25,000 Elderly NHGs were formed and Snehitha Calling Bell Scheme was launched for the elderly people who stay isolated.

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The achievements of Kudumbashree were also presented at the Budget Speech.