Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Organised by Kudumbashree Mission Saras Mela 2019, the national food and cultural expo, the largest rural exhibition in the country which would offer the best of traditional ethnic food and artistry is all set to begin at Cheruvathur Ground, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur on 28 March 2019. Thousands of entrepreneurs from different parts of the country has begun to arrive at Thrissur with various kinds of products to steal the hearts of the customers. The products includes food, clothing, handmade items, household items etc.  Around 250 colorful stalls are set up at Cheruvathur ground at Kunnamkulam.  

The Saras fair, which is being conducted by the Kudumbashree Mission in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development and the State government is a 11 long days stretched exhibition cum sale programme. The objective of the fair is to ensure market for rural entrepreneurs and to provide an opportunity to sell their products without any interference of any second person.  Through this fair the rural artisans, craftsmen, and beneficiaries of Self Help Groups (SHG) across India would be able to exhibit and sell their products directly with customers, thereby earning additional income as well as a significant exposure. 

Around 40 entrepreneurs from 5 states have already reached Thrissur. The entrepreneurs came all the way from Goa, Haryana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Maharashtra to make the fair more attractive with their traditional food items. entrepreneurs from 29 states and 7 union territories across the country will be the part of the programme. Micro entrepreneurs form different states of the country are keeping on arriving at the Saras Fair 2019. The handicrafts that would showcase the heritage and culture of each states, art forms, jewelry, fabrics, utensils etc would be for sale at the Saras Mela. The ethnic food prepared by the Kudumbashree women would add more colour to the programme. 

 The India food court which would be opened at the Saras Fair would offer various cuisines from different states across the country. Thukpa, chow mein, thenthuk, fakthu, gyathuk, wonton and momos would be available at the food stall of Sikkim. Lakshadweep biriyani, lakshdweep mass, keelanchi, chattipathiri, irachipathiri,fish roll, fish cutlet, fish samosa, pookkuthappam, kadukatti, choolala shake, maasappam, thokkappam,kattippaal, lakshadweep halwa, tuna pickle etc would be at sale at Lakshadweep's food stall. Karnataka's food stall would offer rice bath, bisi bela bath, vanki bath, chaat dishes, ragi dishes, different varieties, pulav, bajjis, curries, rotis, golgappa, panipuri, masala poori, akki rotti, chicken kebab etc whereas marathi chicken biriyani, veg biriyani, pani puri, vada paav, dahee dappatta, chinna badam chutney, dahi vada, masala papad etc would be offered by Maharashtra's food stall. Goan fish moli, grilled fish, vada paav, goan pakoda, goan veg dhaali,  varieties of prawn dishes and special goan masala papad would be offered by the food stall of Goa.

Officials of Kudumbashree National Resource Organisation in cooperation with Adebha Institute of Food Research and Hospitality Management, Thrissur (AIFRHM) has conducted an awareness class for these entrepreneurs to discuss the rules and regulations, the suggestions and their needs for the smooth participation in the fair. In addition to this, 45 student beneficiaries of DDUGKY conducted a flash mob near Kunnamkulam bus stand on 26  March 2017  for the publicity and promotion of the fair.

Saras fairs help the micro entrepreneurs to sell out their products to the consumers without the interventions of the middle men and would help them to grow better business relations and thereby increase their sales. this would in turn help them in earning more income and better life style. The programme would strictly follow green protocol and would be opened from 10 AM to 10 PM. Only cloth bags and paper bags would be used during the mela. Daily cultural programmes would also arranged in connection with the programme. Entry to Saras Mela is absolutely free.

Saras Mela 2019 would be an incredible opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural, artistic, traditional, and rich heritage values of different states across the country. Undoubtedly, Saras Mela 2019 would add more colour to the festive days of Kerala. The mela would come to an end on 7 April 2019.

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The Saras fair, which is being conducted by the Kudumbashree Mission in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development and the State government is a 11 long days stretched exhibition cum sale programme.