The history of Rural Development Programmes in India dates back to pre-independence period.  Over the years, many rural development programmes were implemented depending on the needs of the rural poor of the country.  Reaching the basic needs such as food and shelter of the poor, various rural development programmes were implemented by the Central Government from time to time through the State Government.

The Rural Development Department is primarily concerned with addressing the needs of the rural people in matters of sustainable economic activity, shelter & hygiene concerns, rural infrastructure & connectivity.

Detailed Objectives...

  • Eradication of Poverty by enabling people below poverty line to cross over the line by providing credit, training, infrastructure and marketing support for self employment.
  • Providing wage employment opportunity to the rural poor during the agricultural off season
  • Creation of rural infrastructure by constructing roads, houses, public buildings, sanitary latrines etc. that will accelerate the standard of living of rural poor.
  • Creating awareness among rural poor on the importance of sanitation and to maintain real hygiene by providing sanitation facilities.