Public Information Officers

State Public Information Officer (SPIO)-

  • Deputy Secretary-Section EPA
  • Deputy Secretary-Section EPB
  • Deputy Secretary-Section RA
  • Deputy Secretary-Section PS
  • Under Secretaries (Other Sections)

State Assistant Information officers (APIO)

  • LSGD-Section Officers

Appellate Authorities (Name of Section in Brackets)

  • LSGD Principal Secretary (PS)
  • LSGD Secretary (RA)
  • Additional Secretaries (DA, DB, DC, DD, FM, EM)
  • Joint Secretaries (EPA, EPB, EU, IA, IB)
  • Deputy Secretaries(AA, AB, AC,ERA,ERB,RB,DC,DD,FM,EM)

Panchayath Directorate

  • State Public Information Officer-Joint Director-Administration
  • State Assistant Information Officer(APIO)- Senior Superintend-(Section D)
  • Appellate Authority- Panchayath Director
  • District Officers
    • Public Information Officer- Assistant Director(Panchayath)
    • APIO-Superintend (Section G)-Panchayath Deputy Director office
    • Appellate Authority-Panchayath Deputy Director

Commissionerate of Rural Development

  • Public Information Officer- Deputy Development Commissioner
  • Appellate Authority- Senior Administrative Officer

District Panchayath

  • Public Information Officer – Finance Officer
  • Assistant Public Information Officer- senior most Junior Superintend
  • Appellate Authority – Secretary –District Panchayath

Block Panchayath

  • Public Information Officer – Block Panchayath Secretary
  • Assistant Public Information Officer- Head clerk
  • Appellate Authority – Assistant Development Commissioner(General)

Grama Panchayath

  • Public Information Officer – Grama Panchayath Secretary
  • Assistant Public Information Officer- Junior Superintend/Head Clerk/Senior UD Clerk
  • Appellate Authority – Panchayath Deputy Director (Note :Pls Contact concerned offices for the name of present Officers)