Posted on Saturday, August 6, 2022

Kudumbashree is to supply banana chips and sarkaravaratti (jaggery coated banana chips) to the onam kit of Supplyco. Kudumbashree has received the order worth Rs 12.89 crores from Supplyco for supplying the same.  As per the contract, Kudumbashree would supply 42,63,341 packets of  banana chips and sarkaravaratti. 

The entrepreneurs will get Rs 30.24 inclusive of GST per 100 gm packet. The products are manufactured and distributed through more than 300 Kudumbashree units in the state. Kudumbashree aims to complete the supply of products as per the quantity mentioned in the contract by 20 August 2022. 

The activities related to delivery of the products prepared by the Kudumbashree units to the 56 depots of Supplyco is progressing. Kudumbashree District Missions have been instructed to efficiently coordinate and carry out activities including production and distribution of products. The procurement of banana has been ramped up for preparing the products as per the requirement of Supplyco. This is procured from over two and a half lakh Kudumbashree JLGs (Joint Liability Groups) in the state and from the public market. Supplyco will pay directly to the entrepreneur's account as soon as the products are delivered to the depot.
Kudumbashree had supplied products to Supplyco for including in the Onam Kit last year as well.  An order for supplying 41.17 lakh packets of banana chips and sarkaravaratti was received then. The entrepreneurs had  made a sales of Rs 11.99 crores, in which 273 Kudumbashree units participated.
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Kudumbashree to supply banana chips and sarkaravaratti to the onam kit of Supplyco