Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2022

'Noorang' Programme has been started at Thirunelly Panchayath of Wayanad district of Kerala. The programme has been started at the Irumbupalam hamlet of Thirunelly Panchayath as part of the Thirunelly Tribal Special Intervention Programme. Tuber varieties were planted at the Irumbupalam hamlet as part of the Noorang programme on 10 May 2022. The tuber cultivation aims at preserving the tuber crops, production and distribution of seeds and giving awareness about tuber crops to the newer generation. The tuber cultivation is being done as part of the Noorang Programme. More than 300 varieties of tuber crops are being cultivated. 


The cultivation is jointly being done by the Kudumbashree farming groups of the Irumbupalam hamlet. Shri. P.V Balakrishnan, Panchayath President inaugurated the programme and Smt. Saumini, CDS Chairperson presided over the function. Smt. Rukkiya, Ward Member welcomed the gathering. Smt. Valsala, Shri. T.C Joseph, Smt. Shafna M.S and Shri. P. J Manuel delivered the felicitations. Shri. Sai Krishan, Coordinator, Thirunelly Tribal Special Intervention Programme delivered the vote of thanks.

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'Noorang' Programme starts at Thirunelly