Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

As part of collecting suggestions from the public in connection with the Nava Kerala, Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Hon. Chief Minister, Government of Kerala had interacted with Kudumbashree members on 17 January 2021. CDS Chairpersons, representing 14 districts had interacted with the Chief Minister. When the note regarding such a meeting was received, ideas were sought from all the CDS Chairpersons from the 14 districts. One CDS Chairperson each from every district was entrusted for representing their districts. Those chairpersons interacted with the Chief Minister, representing all the Kudumbashree members in their districts. The interactive meeting, which was started at 3.45 PM lasted till 6 PM.

Ms Prasanna Kumari (Kottukal-Thiruvananthapuram), Ms Rajani Manoj (Kalluvathukal-Kollam), Ms Sreeja Aji (Vallikkode-Pathanamthitta), Ms Reena Santhosh (Ambalapuzha-Alappuzha), Ms Sreeja Santhosh (Kidangoor-Kottayam), Ms Asha Santhosh (Manakkad-Idukki), Ms Vishalam Babu (Vadavukode Puthencruz- Ernakulam), MsRamla Anwar (Puthenchira-Thrissur), Ms K. Ushakumari (Polpully-Palakkad) Ms Bindu Babu (Poothadi-Wayanad), Ms Krishna Jyothi (Poroor-Malappuram), Ms Sajina (Maniyoor-Kozhikode), Ms Rekha. P (Mattannur-Kannur) and Ms Mumtaz (Chambanad-Kasaragod) are the NHG members who intereacted with the Chief Minister and shared their suggestions and ideas.

The needs and ideas shared by the Chairpersons from the 14 districts are given below.

General Suggestions

1. Ensure permanent income of Harithakarmasena members by including their work in MGNREGS Programme.
2. Need permanent programmes in Scheduled Tribes Sector for rehabilitating the nomadic communities.
3. Start Art Training Centres in every panchayath under the leadership of CDSs by making use of the artists who have received Golden Jubilee Fellowship.
4. Ensure regular wages without any gender discrimination in the livelihood sector.
5. Include Gender Sensitisation classes and sex education in School Education Syllabus.
6. Make Vanitha Gramasabha, Bala Gramasabha and Elderly Gramasabha mandatory.
7. For ensuring food security, turn the fallow lands into cultivable lands. For the same, the programmes should be formulated and be implemented by MGNREGS, LSGIs, Agriculture Department and Kudumbashree.
8. The bus stops should be equipped with toilets.
9. Job Portals should be started in Panchayath level to find jobs for those who lost their jobs.
10. The ration card categorization should be reanalyzed.
11. Plastic should be removed from the water bodies to increase the fish abundance.
12. The Pakalveed for the elderly should be ensured in all LSGIs.
13. Drainage System should be ensured in the coastal areas.
14. Start 'Shelter Homes' for ensuring the protection of differently abled children.
15. Make arrangements for emergency help in the tribal sector and take necessary actions to resolve the issue of havocs in farming sector.
16. Special Health checkup centres for women and children in blocks. Block level Gender Parks.
17. Government Order be issued that only if the LSGIs earmark funds for ABC, GRC and Harithakarmasena, the DPC Programme will be approved.
18 The LSGIs should earmark funds for fulfilling the various needs of those who are included in the Destitute Free Kerala Programme. Timely changes should be brought to the criterion.
19. There should be centralised waste management plants in every district.
20. The BPL List should be restructured considering the year 2020 as the base.
21. Nutritious food should also be given to the elderly through the Anganawadis.
22. The women development programmes should be used for livelihood needs.
23. Yoga-Kalari Training centres for Women should be started in block level.
24. Ensure livelihood opportunities for tribal youth in their respective locations, afrer extending them skill training.
25. Special package for Sickle Cell Anemia patients.
26. Actions to get rid of the menace of wild animals.
27. More sources of livelihood should be identified in the tribal sector.
28. The eligible who are not included in the LIFE Programme should be included.
29. Hostel and toilet services for travellers.
30. Waste Management should be included in the syllabus of primary classes.
31. Children should be given training in hand craft from school level.
32. Arrange public grounds, swimming pools and fitness centres in all panchayths that could be used by men and women. Encourage fraternities.
33. Make arrangements for transport under the leadership of the Goverment, where there are transport difficulties.
34. Conserve conventional drinking water resources.
35. Produce Kuttanad branded duck meat.

Suggestions Regarding Kudumbashree

1. Change Anganawadis into the working centre of ADSs. Through this, improve the activities by converging with the Social Justice Department.
2. Launch vegetable procuring, sales outlets under the leadership of CDSs in Horticorp model. Three or four centres in the state should function as procurement-distributing centres.
3. Form Kudumbashree Vanitha Bank.
4. Loans upto Rs 3 lakhs is given interest subsidy. The loan is issued at 4% interest. Increase the limit of this loan to Rs 10 lakhs.
5.Give a small subsidy from the state share in Jeevandeepam Insurance Programme.
6. Make better office system for CDSs.
7. Ensure insurance for Kudumbashree micro enterprises.
8. Start Kudumbashree-Homestay, Tour Guide programmes in the tourism sector.
9. Make interventions for catering the needs of Snehitha Calling Bell Programme beneficiaries excluding the mental support.
10. Special Financial Package for Kudumbashree Micro Enterprises.
11. Permanent buildings for Snehitha Centres.
12. LSGIs should give more importance for Kudumbashree.
13. Marketing opportunities should be arranged for Kudumbashree enterprises in all LSGIs.
14. The functioning of Vigilant Groups should be made more active. Meetups at regular intervals.
15. The buildings under the ownership of the LSGIs and the Government should be given to Kudumbashree units to turn it into marketing outlets for free.
16. Kudumbashree should be given more importance in the implementation of Women Component Plan.
17. Coastal Projects should be implemented through Kudumbashree.
18. Kudumbashree should be given more importance and opportunity for more participation along with other Departments for the development in coastal- tribal sectors.
19. The works of LIFE Programmes should be given to Kudumbashree Construction Groups. Also the printing works of the Government should be given to Kudumbashree printing press units.
20. Ensure Kudumbashree's participation in Palliative Care Sector.
21. Make two members from a house part of an NHG.
21. Give the charge of running the canteens in Governement- Public Sector institutions, comfort stations at LSGIs etc to Kudumbashree units.
22. Include the products of Kudumbashree enterprises in Government food kits.
23. Give the approval to buy the electronic products produced by Kudumbashree units like LED lights, without any tender processes.
24. Give approval for Kudumbashree outlets at Comsumerfed, Maveli Stores and Neethi Stores.
25. Restrict LSGIs from spending the fund for Kudumbashree for other matters.
26. The LSGIs should give Revolving Fund to ADSs and Micro Enterprises.
27. The direction that the appointment of part time sweeper/ temporary appointments at Governmental- Public Sector Institutions should be met from the Kudumbashree members.
28. Support price for Kudumbashree Agricultural products.
29. For taking the Kudumbashree activities to the public, organise 1 hour long programmes in the news channels.
30. Representation of CDS Chairpersons in Kudumbashree Governing Body. Two wheeler arrangement and driving classes for CDS Chairpersons.
31.Market the products of Kudumbashree entrepreneurs at the procurement- marketing outlets of Forest Eco Development Committee. Permission to sell the non-timber forest products through Kudumbashree units.
32. Form a state level chain including Kudumbashree-KSRTC for extending courier services for parcel delivery as part of e-commerce services.
33. Allot space for retail outlets for marketing Kudumbashree products and for starting food cafe at the areas under Highway Authority.
34. Ensure maximum women representation in the Planning Commission of LSGIs. Make the inclusion of CDS Chairperson mandatory.
35. The arrangememt to distribute the welfare pensions through Kudumbashree system.
Appreciations to all CDS Chairpersons who came forward to interact with the Chief Minister. We are extending our gratitude to Hon Chief Minister who allotted his time for such am interactive session.

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Ms Prasanna Kumari (Kottukal-Thiruvananthapuram), Ms Rajani Manoj (Kalluvathukal-Kollam), Ms Sreeja Aji (Vallikkode-Pathanamthitta), Ms Reena Santhosh (Ambalapuzha-Alappuzha), Ms Sreeja Santhosh (Kidangoor-Kottayam), Ms Asha Santhosh (Manakkad-Idukki),