Kudumbashree Auxiliary Group Formation Progressing

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021
The formation of Auxiliary Groups are progressing across the state. The Auxiliary Groups are being formed with the objective of creating a new space for the social, cultural and livelihood upliftment of young women. It is aimed at 'forming a minimum of one Auxiliary Group in every ward'. As per the statistics till 18 November 2021, a total of 19,521 Auxiliary Groups have been formed which has 3,00,531 young women as members. The districts are moving forward with the aim of forming Auxiliary Groups in all wards. In some districts, more than one group has been formed in a ward. 
Auxiliary Group Formation also aims at taking the benefits of these various projects, being implemented through Kudumbashree to young women. Young women between 18 and 40 years of age can become members of  Auxiliary Groups. One group will be formed in a ward. A group can have a maximum of 50 members. If more women come forward, another group could be formed in the same ward. 


The main objectives of Auxiliary Groups include setting an arena that would help in finding opportunities for women empowerment, financial empowerment of the families through young women and thereby to the social upliftment, arranging a public platform to discuss the social issues faced by women such as dowry, domestic violence etc and to find solutions for the same, for equipping young women to get together devoid of the differences in politics, religion, caste, creed and actively involved in the developmental activities of the state, to make the young women confident enough to intervene in the developmental activities, discuss and respond to the general matters of the state according to the present social situations, for quipping the women to function associating with the various campaigns/ programmes such as the 'Jagrutha Samithi' for intervening in the social issues of women, 'Vimukthi' against alcoholism 'Samam' project implemented by the Cultural Department etc, to create an avenue to introduce the activities of various agencies that function for the welfare and development of the youth such as Youth Commission, Youth Welfare Board etc and to achieve good results, for creating awareness about the various livelihood projects being implemented by Central- State Governments, Cooperative Department etc and thereby create opportunities to make sustainable livelihood possible.
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Kudumbashree Auxiliary Group Formation Progressingen