'Ennonam Ninnonam Evarkkum Ponnonam' Campaign starts

Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Kudumbashree's 'Ennonam Ninnonam Evarkkum Ponnonam' Campaign has been started. The campaign envisages that Kudumbashree NHGs would extend support to neighbors and the destitute during this onam season. The crisis of covid-19, which have been continuing for the last two years, has affected our neighbors, friends and relatives in one way or the other.  Through this campaign, Kudumbashree NHGs would implement various activities that would extend hope, care and support to all. 


Kudumbashree NHG members had made great interventions during the floods of 2018 and 2019. They had made efforts to arrange temporary stay to the flood affected in their own houses, engaged in the cleaning activities and had even contributed Rs 11.18 crores to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). When lockdown was notified in Kerala to contain the spread of covid-19, Kudumbashree members were active in awareness and covid countering activities. The various activities also include the running the community kitchens, production of masks-sanitizers, disinfection activities and other activities that extend special care to the geriatric and the destitute. The photos and details of the activities being implemented by the NHGs as part of the campaign during this onam season can be shared through various social media platforms with the following hashtags-  #എന്നോണംനിന്നോണംഏവര്‍ക്കുംപൊന്നോണം, #ennonamninnonamevarkkumponnonam.

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'Ennonam Ninnonam Evarkkum Ponnonam' Campaign starts