Shri. M. V. Govindan

M V Govindan Master

Shri. M. V. Govindan

Constituency: Thaliparamba

Portfolios: Local Self Dept, Rural Development and Excise – Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations, Rural Development, Town Planning, Regional Development Authorities, KILA

Secretariat Annex 1, 
Fifth Floor, Room No 501 C,


M. V. Govindan Master hails from Morazha, a village in the northern part of Kerala, a hotbed of peasant struggle against imperialist forces. He joined "Balasangham" a children's organization, at a very early age and was part of the Library movement. In course of time, he rose to become a member of the CPI(M) Central Committee. And as he steps into the Kerala Legislative Assembly, he brings with him an invaluable asset – the rich experience of stainless public activism spanning over half a century.


Govindan Master was a member of the KSF and office-bearer of the Kannur District Youth Federation. When the KSYF was formed, he rose to the level of leader, and was one of the founding leaders of the DYFI. He was also a member of the All India Preparatory Committee and the Central Committee. Govindan Master also made a mark as the State Secretary and President of the DYFI.


For his protest against the Emergency, he was jailed for four months and subjected to intense police brutality. Earlier, he was an MLA for ten years and has proven his merit in parliamentary affairs. He won a thumping majority from Thalipparamba to become a member of the fifteenth Kerala Assembly. He played a prominent role in building a strong foundation for the Left in the northern Malabar region of Kerala, when he served as the Kasaragod taluk secretary of the undivided Kannur district in the early half of the 1980s. In 2002, he became the CPIM Kannur District Secretary, and when he became the Ernakulam District Secretary, he strengthened the party in that district too. In 2006 he was elected to the CPIM state secretariat in 2018 to the party Central Committee. For a long time, he served as the Captain of the Kannur District Red Volunteer Army.


As the state president of the Kerala State Agricultural Workers' Union, he conducted relentless struggles for the marginalized sections of the society. He led the agricultural workers' movement in environment protection struggles for the conservation of paddy fields and wetlands. He is also the national Vice President of the All India Agricultural Workers Union. He is in charge of the EMS Academy. Earlier he was the editor of Marxist Samwadam and the Chief Editor of Deshabhimani. He has authored several books titled Dialectical Materialism in Indian Philosophy, About Independent Politics, Chinese Diary, A History of Youth Movement, Against the Backdrop of Ideological Struggles, Agricultural Workers' Union – Then and Now, Indian Maoism in the Woods, and so on.


He was born to Kunjambu and Madhaviamma on 23 April 1953 at Morazha in Kannur district. He gave up his teaching job when politics became a full-time preoccupation.