11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012) Related Documents

Documents 2007-08
>> Technical Advisory Group Plan approval Process
>> Guidelines for Technical Advisory Group (Updated on 04/09/2007)
>> Hand book for the preparation of 11th plan forms (Updated on 04/09/2007)
>> Annexure for Hand book for the preparation of 11th plan forms
>> Microsector Code comparison
>> Microsector Code (Updated)
>> Project Proforma for LSGIs
>> Docket sheet ver 3.0
>> Project Evaluation Checklist
>> Shortfall and Compensation of 10th Plan

Government Orders
Web based Plan Monitoring
Kerala State Planning Board
Local Self Government Dept.
11th Plan - Project Proforma. 11th Plan Documents
Economic Review
e-governance in LSGIs

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The plan monitoring system - Sulekha - application has undergone several version changes, in order to contain the changes in business logic as well as to accommodate the wide-ranging variations in book keeping and project management practices.The three-tier application architecture incorporating the State Planning Board (SPB) module, the District Planning Office (DPO) module and the local self government institution module (LB) was successfully tested out. The SPB module handled aggregate reports and downward transmission of changes in business rules, where as the DPO module handled district level consolidation of LB level data after authorising the transmissions. The LB module handled data entry, validations and upward transmission after obtaining authorisation from the DPO.
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