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General Transfer 2012 -Draft List published – Inviting objections and suggestions - regarding.

Posted on 19/04/2012

Order No. E1-37800/2011  Office  of  the  Director of  Panchayats  Thiruvananthapuram, Dated:  10.04.2012
Sub:-    Establishment - Department of  Panchayats - General Transfer 2012 - Transfer and postings of   Senior Superintendent/Performance Audit Supervisor Grama Panchayat  Secretary, Junior Superintendent,  Head Clerk, Accountant,  U.D.Clerk – Draft List published – Inviting objections and suggestions - regarding

  1. G.O. (Ms) No. 105/2007/LSGD dated: 04.04.2007
  2. G.O. (Ms) No. 54/2008/LSGD dated: 03.03.2008
  3. G.O.(Ms) No. 169/2009/LSGD dated: 29.08.2009

As per the G.O cited 1st Government have issued the guidelines/norms for the transfer and postings of employees working in the department of panchayats. In the said G.O.,among the other things ,it has been ordered that General transfers will be made once in a year during April/May.    As per the G.O a schedule shall be prepared   and all transfer orders shall be published in draft in the notice board of the transferring authority and also in the Website of the Department and at least a week’s time shall be allowed for filing the objections if any.

Government as per G.O. cited 2nd amended the guidelines incorporating the following additional points.  Whenever promotions take place the  promoted persons may be sent to the places where vacancies exists.  If senior persons, who are eligible to be posted to the places where promotees are posted, they may be considered along with the next general transfer.  All persons other than last grade Servants, who have put in five years of continuous service at a place may be transferred even without request to a place within 20 Kms, and if no vacancies exists within 20 Kms, to a place within the district.

Accordingly  the junior most persons promoted and posted in their home districts during the year 2011-12 ie up to 31.03.2012 are proposed to be transferred and posted in farthest stations or nearby districts, and the senior persons who put forth their claim to be posted in those stations occupied by their juniors are transferred and posted to those stations.  The persons who have completed 5 years continuous service in a place are transferred and posted in the same stations (within 20 Kms)or within the district as far as possible.

While preparing the draft transfer list, those vacancies that may arise consequent on promotion to higher cadres are also taken into consideration.  The promotion list of cadres of Head Clerk and U.D.Clerk will be published on  finalisation of transfer and postings under General Transfer 2012.

In view of the above facts and applying the guidelines, framed by Government a draft list of transfer and postings of the following categories of employees in  the Department of Panchayats is published as shown in the Annexure I to V under General Transfer-2012 is published herewith.

Annexure  - A

  1. Grama Panchayat Secretary
  2. Junior Superintendent
  3. Head Clerk
  4. Accountant
  5. U.D.Clerk

The Draft Transfer list in the cadre of Senior Superintendents/Performance Audit Unit Supervisors is not published in the Annexure since there is no vacancy in that cadre at present. Objections and suggestions if any will be filed before the Deputy Director of Panchayats concerned on or before 28.04.2012.  The Deputy Directors of Panchayats are instructed to forward all the objections received till 28.04.2012 after compiling them in category wise and forward to this office on 30.04.2012 itself.

 This draft lists are available in this office, notice board, Office of the Deputy Directors of Panchayats and in the Website of Local Self Government Department (  for reference.

Annexure – B

  1. List of Applicants for each category shown above is also published herewith.

Additional Director of Panchayats
In full additional charge of director of panchayats

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