Kudumbashree women from Alappuzha completes construction of LIFE Mission house in record time

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kudumbashree women completed construction of a LIFE Mission house in record time. It is within 40 days that 27 Kudumbashree women from Alappuzha completed the construction of LIFE Mission house at Pallipad, near Alappuzha.A beneficiary from Pallipad CDS was identified earlier and a group of 32 women were given training with the help of Eksath training centre. It was for Shri. Rameshan Kalachira from Pallipad and his family which consists of his wife Smt. Sheejamma and their daughter Sreekutty that the house was built. The project was named as 'Sreekuttykkoru Swapna Veedu' by Kudumbashree women.

This is the first construction work took up by the Kudumbashree Women. Kudumbashree Mission clubbed the construction for Life Mission and the construction training for the women together to reduce the cost of construction. Four masons gave leadership for the construction training. Along with the construction training, motivational training was also extended to them. Apart from that, training was also given in brick making and ferroslabs making. It is planned to build the Life Mission houses in each block in the same model. The same construction model would be replicated in another panchayaths as well. Kudumbashree women thus rewrote the history by completing their task within record time.

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The project was named as 'Sreekuttykkoru Swapna Veedu' by Kudumbashree women