Striving to be Green: Adoption of quality environmental activities by Kudumbashree

Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kudumbashree Mission have always been concerned about living in tune with Nature. So did the Mission adopted various quality environmental activities while implementing the programmes. While analyzing the business that Kudumbashree had been involved in, one could easily identify the same. Harithakarmasena for recycling the plastic, paper bag making enterprises as an alternative to plastic products, lending of reusable plates and glasses are the few initiatives that Kudumbashree Mission had put forward to fight back plastic pollution. As India is the global host of 2018 World Environment Day with “Beat Plastic Pollution” as the theme for this year’s edition, the world is coming together to combat single-use plastic pollution and so the activities of Kudumbashree has got much relevance.

Haritha Karma sena is a professional team consisting of Green Technicians and Green Supervisors mainly Kudumbashree Women who are assigned with the responsibility of collection, transportation, processing, recycling / disposal, and management of waste materials in association with respective Local Self Government Institutions and Suchithwa Mission. Kudumbashree is planning to give training 22,592 people and had already extended training to 19500 women. The Harithakarmasena had started functioning in 182 Local Self Government Institutions. Harithakarmasena was implemented to minimize the use of plastic and to make people aware of the hazardous effects of plastic, collect and send them for recycling and to decompose the biodegradable waste. A fixed amount was collected from the households and shops as user fee and a carry bag was given to store the wastes. A vacant space in a remote place in the locality was chosen to segregate the wastes. The waste is segregated into different sections based on its features such as H.M White, P.P, H.M, LDPrint, Bajar, Ganny, Bulb, PVC, steel, tubes, bottle, E- waste, LD(Glucose), Bottle caps, Spray bottle etc. A total of 285461 Kg of plastic was shredded and was handed over to Clean Kerala Company for using the same for road tarring process.

Kudumbashree have several Micro Enterprise units who are producing eco friendly products like paper bags, paper pen, paper covers, paper plates, paper files , paper chappals, cloth bags, bamboo products, screw pine product units etc. There are 77 such units working under Kudumbashree Mission. Around 50,000 such products are being sold out a month.During the season time it would increase upto 2 lakhs, which means that Kudumbashree could reduce the use of that much amount of plastic. Kudumbshree also have units which which make paper flowers, jewellery as well and have 12 units which make screw pine products.

There are 6 swap shop units working under Kudumbashree which lend utensils in bulk quantity to reduce the use of plastic and other non bio degradable products. Such Kudumbashree centres help in following the Green Protocol. While conducting trade fairs also, Kudumbashree focus in keeping the same eco friendly and made use of eco friendly products such as bamboo, sacks, jute etc for decorating and used palm products and reusable plates made of fibre, ceramic and steel for serving the food. Kudumbashree members had also been making active participation in fighting against plastic during the pilgrimages like Sabarimala, Malayattoor, Malayalapuzha, Aluva Shivaratri, Attukal etc. Kudumbashree Mission is committed in bring about a positive change in the sector of waste management and are implementing environment friendly programme envisioning a healthier, clean and green world that complements a human generation living in harmony with nature.